1. vetrowolf:

    Sinners of the 74th Avenue

  2. kisskicker:

    Bohim was drawing bara tigers, so let me tell you about the time I turned Jack into a neon sparkle leopard just because I saw pink leopard print jammies at Target.

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  4. Artist:  

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  5. sketchchump:

    A commission I did for ~Huttser-Coyote over at FA! (I am not open for commissions yet s-sorry ;;o;;).

  6. cartooncanine:

    5 Favorite Sherlock Hound Episodes - #5

    Ep. 09: Treasure Under the Sea

    The Royal Navy asks Hound and Watson to help them recover a submarine stolen by Professor Moriarty.

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  7. lock-wolf:

    7.28.2014. Chicago, IL

  8. ahruon:

    League of Legends Warwick

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  9. misterslunchy:

    an animated commission! let me know if you want one too!

    OH NO.

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  10. snagpax said: i'm not sure if i've told you this before but i reeeeaallllly enjoy your blog thank you


    you’re welcome


    JFC. Now I have torrent Tail Spin.

  11. mediocre-twitch:

    I woke up unreasonably early

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  12. cbhart:

    was arranging my folders and bumped into this thing from 2011.
    I think it’s pretty neat so I wanted to post it u__u
    My oldest active character, Buck.

    Cute hair. Holy crap.