1. So, just… you know…. real life.

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  3. istani:

    Guk and Gwak

  4. ocset:

    doodle. 고양이 귀엽지. 나도 좋아해. 

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  5. cartooncanine:


    What’s with the furry anime sherlock holmes? What is it from? AND WHY IS IT SO DAMN CUTE?!

    the show is called sherlock hound and everyone should watch it! all the characters in it are cute

    Most definitely!

    Miyazaki worked on a good portion of the series. It was also a Japanese and Italian made anime…. of all things.

  6. istani:

    Gwak and Guk.

    Gwak is older brother.

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  8. dudedle:

    A teaser of an inked version of Volga’s Game Over CG. This scene is to be featured in the next demo of Kemo Coliseum!

    Read more on Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : January 2014

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  11. http://www.dudedlestudio.com/

    Dudedle Studio. Mostly furry, bara, flash games. Most of them involve playing a rhythm game where you strip some cutie naked and jerk him off. They are also working on a “Puzzle Quest” type game called “Kemo Colosseum” which probably involves more of the same.

    You are aware this exists, right?


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